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Homeschool•Virtual Academy

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Circle of Friends Preschool’s NEW Homeschool•Virtual Academy is a high energy ONLINE preschool for students age 3, 4 and 5! Our program includes a balance of academics, creativity and FUN social - emotional learning.

    Our weekly activities will include:
  • 2 (30 to 60 minute) Google Meet/Zoom Classes per week
  • 5 "Seesaw" assignments/activities per week
  • 3-5 Video Book, Songs and Activity Recordings per week
  • Alphabet Boot Camp (includes daily activities)
  • 2-3 Craft/Art Projects per week
  • 1 monthly Family Homework Project
    $50.00 Registration Fee
    $95.00/month for students/families
    $50.00/month for students/families who are current Circle of Friends Preschool in-person students

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Email questions about COF's Virtual Academy to:
  Miss Laura at:   or
  Miss Sharon at:


    Each month you will receive a calendar showing what our weekly themes and activities are and every month you will come to the school and pick-up your activity packet.

  • A parent video will be sent explaining each packet contents and activities.
  • Some work will be returned to Miss. Laura (i.e. Family Homework) this can be done when you pick up your new packet each month.

  • ACADEMY Activities Include:
  • 2 (30-60 minute) Google Meet/Zoom Classes per week
    Classes include learning activities, working on letters, numbers, calendar activities and learning games. Fun/social activities like dancing, share time, peer/teacher interaction, special celebration days (i.e. Teddy Bear Day, Pajama Day, Holiday Parties) and more.

  • 5 "Seesaw" Assignments/Activities per week
    "Seesaw" is a digital learning/educational program and communication platform (available on all types of computer devices - PCs, tablets, phones, etc.) where teachers send students assignments or activities to do at home.
    For example, in the assignment — "I See Colors Photo Book" — there are nine colors. Each color page asks you to look around the house and find something of that color and take a picture of it and then you do the same for each of the colors and send the completed assignment back to Miss Laura through "Seesaw".

  • 3-5 Video Book Readings, Songs and Activities
    (based on our weekly theme) posted in our Google Classroom

  • Alphabet Boot Camp Activity (1 letter per week)
    Includes Letter Hats/Crowns or Necklaces for students and parents to make, Letter Mini-Books, D'Nealian Handwriting Worksheets, Alphabet Cut & Paste activity pages, Reward Necklaces (to celebrate the learning of each letter) and more.
    At the end of the year we will create Letter Vests and have a Virtual Alphabet Fashion Show.

  • 2-5 Craft/Art Projects or Activities per week (based on weekly themes)

  • 1 Monthly Family Homework Project

This page last updated: 17–Dec–2020